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Anti Anxiety Men's Bracelet

Anti Anxiety Men's Bracelet

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This unique set is good for anti anxiety, absorb positive energy and protect you from negative energy.

Pyrite: With its ability to act on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels, pyrite is a potent protection stone that guards against all types of negative vibrations and/or energy. It improves memory and intellectual stimulation, assisting with information recall when required.

Black Onyx:  is an excellent gem for recovery since it helps you avoid any hint of relapse and instead motivates your body to actively concentrate on recovery. Along with aiding in the strengthening of teeth and bones, onyx can assist the body's bone marrow and tissue structures.

Tiger eye: also referred to as the stone of courage, is beneficial for boosting your self-assurance and power. It is a root and sacral chakra stone, therefore it aids in grounding, creating a solid foundation, and rekindling your motivation. Additionally, it is effective at fending off bad energy.

Hematite: It concentrates power and feelings to achieve harmony in the body, mind, and soul. Hematite dispels negativity and shields you from taking on other people's negativity. Haematite is a powerful stone that supports timidity, fosters self-worth and adaptability, strengthens willpower and dependability, and instills confidence.


Akashabead bracelet brings all of these healing properties to you with this unique bracelet and it’s made in the USA. 

Akashabead bracelets is a:

  • Perfect gift for friends, family, and your love with a lot of good vibes and energy
  • Protect your body from negative energy 
  • Heal your soul and mind by attracting good energy 
  • Make yourself more stylish by wearing High Quality Natural stone Beaded bracelet
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