What is Akasha and how Akashabead is related to Akasha concept

What is Akasha and why Akashabead

In this blog, we will talk about what is Akasha and what is the history behind it. Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means Ether or sky. The term has also been adopted in Western occultism and spiritualism. Akasha is also known as the inner world and the outer words. Nicola Tesla believed in Akasha as well since he believed in outer energy.

In Hinduism, Akasha is used to mean the soul of everything that exists in the material world. Pancha Mahabhuta has five basic elements for life and Akasha(sky) is one of them, and the other four are Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Among these elements, Akasha is the very first element that comes into existence. It is the most expansive and least concreate of all.

Let's take a look at the properties of Akasha which are clear, subtle, light, and measureless. Ether or Akasha is related to various actions like expansion, frequency, vibration, and non-resistance. Since our body is made of molecules then we are sensitive to all of Akasha's elements. So Akashabead made all the bracelets with natural stone. Therefore these stones have common properties with Akasha. 

Why Akashabead?

Let’s review the relation between natural stone and Akasha properties like vibration, frequency, and expansion. Natural stone has a stable frequency but on the other hand, the human does not. In order to balance our energy, we need to receive vibration or frequency. For example, Pyrite can act as a shield from bad vibrations. Then, by using proper stone we can maintain our frequency level.

Akashabead makes all bracelets with high-quality natural stones. Natural stones absorb energy and they pass into you. Therefore, wearing natural beads bracelets can transfer their healing properties and energy into the body. As mentioned before, stone has a stable energy. For example, Black Onyx absorbs negative energies and transforms them, promoting inner harmony and reducing your anxiety level. As a result of wearing these bracelets, beads can transform your frequency level.

Akasha aligns you with the truth of your life and serves you to open a lot of doorways and graceful and profound healing. New possibilities, expansion, and wisdom emerge from connecting to the limitless of your energetic blueprint. Akashic has light. Love is creation and light is information. The Akasha light can connect us to an authentic version of us and when you connect with your light and authentic version then you will have joy, and peace in your life. 

Our natural stone bracelets come with different variety of stones such as Lapis lazuli, Green Tiger Eye, Onyx, Blue Sky Jasper, Hematite, and so on. Each of these bracelets can bring amazing healing properties into your life such as Anti Anxiety, improving health, opening different chakras, and bringing positive energy, luck, and fortune.


As a final point,  in Akashabead we do our best to bring all the elements of Akasha to our loves, families, and friends through our natural bead bracelets collections. In order to help balance energy and frequency by wearing them.


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