Exploring the Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli and its Connection to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras

Exploring the Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli and its Connection to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras

What is Lapis Lazuli: 

Since ancient times, lapis lazuli, a deep blue semiprecious stone, has been treasured for its beauty and scarcity. It is recognized for its intense blue hue and frequently contains gold and white specks. It is mostly made up of the minerals lazurite, calcite, and pyrite.
lapis lazuli has been utilized in jewelry since a long time ago, in home decor, and even as an artistic pigment. It is thought to contain metaphysical qualities that foster inner harmony, discernment, and truthfulness. Additionally, it is said to improve communication and self-expression while stimulating the intellect. Lapis lazuli is prized for its physical qualities in addition to its spiritual qualities. Being a rather soft stone, it is simple to carve and work with but also prone to dents and chips.
Lapis lazuli has a long history and has been used by a variety of cultures, including modern Afghanistan and ancient Egypt. It is still highly prized for its beauty and distinctive qualities and is widely used in jewelry and ornamental items today.

what chakra is related to Lapis Lazuli:

The third eye chakra, which is situated in the middle of the forehead, is particularly connected to lapis lazuli. This chakra represents inner intelligence, spiritual awareness, and intuition. Lapis can support the third eye chakra's activation and balancing, fostering greater insight, clarity, and spiritual vision. Lapis can also energize and harmonize the throat chakra, which is linked to creativity, self-expression, and communication. People may be better able to match their thoughts and deeds with their genuine purpose and inner wisdom by using lapis to balance these two chakras.


Lapis Lazuli healing properties and energy:

Lapis lazuli is believed to have many healing properties and energies. Here are some of the most commonly attributed ones:

  • Spiritual and emotional healing: Lapis lazuli is thought to foster inner tranquility, emotional healing, and spiritual development. It is supposed to encourage beneficial emotions like self-awareness, honesty, and compassion while aiding in the release of bad emotions like jealousy, fear, and anger.

  • Communication and self-expression: Lapis lazuli is said to increase communication and self-expression while also stimulating the mind. It is thought to encourage the bravery to speak one's truth as well as aid with cognition and emotion clarification.

  • Wisdom and intuition: Lapis lazuli is supposed to heighten intuition and assist in reaching higher states of wisdom and insight. It is thought to encourage a greater knowledge of oneself and others as well as aid in the growth of spiritual awareness.

  • Physical healing: It is also believed that lapis lazuli has healing effects on the body. It is thought to lessen stress and anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and help with headaches, migraines, and other types of pain.


Lapis lazuli is thought to have an energetic connection to both the third eye and the throat chakras. While the third eye chakra is linked to intuition and spiritual awareness, the throat chakra is in charge of speech and self-expression. According to legend, lapis lazuli aids in balancing and energizing these chakras, facilitating improved communication and a richer spiritual comprehension.

Metaphysical properties of Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis lazuli is believed to have several metaphysical properties, including:
  • Protection: Lapis lazuli is said to provide protection from negative energies and psychic attacks. It is believed to create a shield of energy around the body, which helps to repel negative influences and maintain a positive aura.
  • Inner peace: Lapis lazuli is believed to promote inner peace and emotional healing. It is said to help release negative emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy, and promote positive feelings such as self-awareness, honesty, and compassion.
  • Intellectual and spiritual development: Lapis lazuli is thought to stimulate the intellect and enhance spiritual development. It is believed to promote a deeper understanding of oneself and others, and help develop spiritual awareness.
  • Communication and self-expression: Lapis lazuli is said to enhance communication and self-expression. It is believed to help clarify thoughts and feelings, and promote the courage to speak one's truth.
  • Creativity: Lapis lazuli is believed to enhance creativity and stimulate the imagination. It is said to help access deeper levels of inspiration and encourage artistic expression.

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Overall, lapis lazuli is thought to be a powerful stone for spiritual growth, emotional healing, and personal transformation. Its deep blue color and gold flecks are also said to be very visually appealing and can add a touch of elegance to any jewelry or home décor.


How to restore and recharge Lapis: 

There are several ways to restore and recharge the energy of lapis lazuli:
  1. Cleanse the stone: Start by cleansing the stone of any negative energy it may have absorbed. You can do this by holding the stone under running water or smudging it with sage or palo santo.
  2. Charge under the moon: You can charge lapis lazuli by exposing it to the light of a full moon for several hours or overnight as it is thought to be particularly open to the energy of the moon.
  3. Place on a selenite plate: As a purifying stone, selenite can aid in the energy purging and recharging of other stones. To revive your lapis lazuli, set it for a few hours on a selenite plate or close to a selenite wand.
  4. Meditate with the stone: You can also restore the energy of your lapis lazuli by meditating with it. Simply hold the stone in your hand and focus your intention on recharging its energy.

If you use your lapis lazuli frequently or if it has been exposed to a lot of negative energy, keep in mind that it has to be recharged frequently. Your lapis lazuli's potent metaphysical characteristics can last for years if you give it the right care and attention.


Zodiac relationship with Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis lazuli is associated with several zodiac signs, including Sagittarius, Taurus, and Virgo.

  • for Sagittarius, Lapis lazuli is thought to encourage spiritual development, clarity, and self-awareness. Additionally, it may enable individuals to access their inner knowledge and intuition.
  • Taurus:  Lapis lazuli is said to help Taurus maintain emotional equilibrium, lessen stress and anxiety, and improve communication abilities. Additionally, it might make Taurus feel more anchored and in touch with their physical selves.
  • Virgo: Lapis lazuli is thought to help Virgo retain information better, improve memory, and foster intellectual development. They may be able to speak more clearly and confidently as a result.

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Whether or not you believe in astrology, lapis lazuli can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery, and it can be especially helpful for those born under these zodiac signs.



In conclusion, lapis lazuli is an exquisite blue stone prized for its beauty and spiritual qualities for thousands of years. Its therapeutic benefits are thought to encourage spiritual development, strengthen intuition, enhance communication, as well as lessen tension and anxiety. Lapis lazuli has a long history that spans nations and centuries, and it is used in jewelry and decorative items all around the world. Lapis lazuli is a stone that has mesmerized people for decades and will do so for many more to come, whether you are drawn to it because of its beauty or its mystical qualities.
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